The Dummies

The Team

Catarina Ferreira, Tiago Ruão –
Catarina Ferreira –
2nd Manager:
Miguel Morgado
PR Manager:
Catarina Ferreira –
Web Manager:
Miguel Morgado
News Writers:
Catarina Ferreira, Soraia Lobos, Sara Costa
Catarina Ferreira, Tiago Ruão, Soraia Lobos, Bruno Lopes, Onurb
Catarina Ferreira, Tiago Ruão
Catarina Ferreira, Diogo Dias, João Xabregas
Former members of the team:
Miguel Morgado
Bruno Cerqueira
Richard Otten
José Reis
Ricky Gomes
Hugo Urbano
Tiago Mimoso
Tiago Pimenta
Helder Santos
Ruben Mota
Igor Gonçalves
Pedro Martins
João Xabregas
Nuno Soares
Rodrigo Sylva
Diogo Dias
Diogo Silveira
Alfredo Graça
Ray Moura
Pedro Relvas
Thank you all for making of the website what it is today!

External Collaborators

DAC Designs
Designer, Conceptual Artist

DAC was responsible for bringing to life some of Catarina Ferreira’s creations, such as the first “Dummies” drawings and the first “Xbox PT Dummies” logo and other original creations. He was contacted in the first few months when it was necessary to digitalize the sketches made by the administrator.


Who would we be without the incredible team that provides us so much daily?

Thank you all