Our Project

1. Bring the most recent news to the knowledge of the portuguese public.
2. Inform the readers and followers in the most correct and true way possible.
3. Translate articles to the portuguese language in a way that all portuguese can understand the information in case they don’t understand english language.
Condense the maximum information possible about the Xbox brand and the gaming industry in the same place, trying always to ease its comprehension for all. That information includes Xbox consoles, peripherals, games, conferences, launches, available pre-orders, prices, stores, images, videos, among others.
5. Write reviews as unbiased as possible, with a tendency to see the good of games just for the pleasure of enjoying them.
6. Having a social space among Xbox fans and curious where they can discuss topics, share ideas and experiences, know each others, play, ask questions or search for help.
Making the site a fan space where, in informal conversations, there is tranquility and disposal between all participants.
Allow that everyone is a part of this iniciative, for all have an important and unique part, whether is through forums, content, news or reviews.
9. Make of this space the home that the Xbox portuguese gamer community deserves and we believe it never had.
10. Do our best to keep the website updated and inovate it anytime there are new ideas.
11. Propose new projects and accept ideas from followers.
12. Do the best to make those projects come true and thank the comprehension from followers in case any project works on its non-resolution for reasons beyond our control and effort.
13. Always keep the good Dummie humour.
14. Bring Xbox back to Portugal.