Editorial Policy

1. The content published by Xbox PT Dummies does not reflect the views of Microsoft, Xbox or any of its collaborators, nor is it our intention to represent them.
2. Xbox PT Dummies is not responsible for any content or information provided by Microsoft, Xbox or other gaming and accessory companies. We are not representatives of any company. In the same way that we do not announce oh their behalf, we also do not respond on their behalf.
3. The material placed on the site comes from the information that we find on official platforms or even from our own experience. All contact you wish to have with representatives of Microsoft or Xbox (or any other company mentioned here) about support, complaints, thanks or otherwise should be made to the official representatives.
4. The Xbox PT Dummies team is made up of several members with different ideas, opinions, ages and experience. The experience of running a website is few for some of our members, so we’re likely to make mistakes. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
5. No member of the team behind the administration, maintenance, management and moderation of the Xbox Dummies receives any kind of monetary value from companies or donations. The members are volunteers who want to contribute to the existence of the site. If this is changed, this topic will be updated, as well as the respective followers of this information platform.
6. The multimedia content placed on the Xbox PT Dummies that is not ours is only for the complementation and illustration of articles and pages. We do not claim any right to ownership of content that clearly belongs to the respective designers and artists of the gaming companies, Microsoft and Xbox. This same content will not be digitally changed by us, but will only be taken from the sources that provide them and placed directly in the articles. Third party content can never be used for commercial reasons.
7. The third-party multimedia content that has undergone some kind of digital alteration will have been captured by us. However, since the same content does not really belong to us, it can never be used for commercial reasons.
8. Xbox PT Dummies members own the copyright of any original written content, which will be automatically identified and belongs only to its original author.
9. Xbox PT Dummies owns the copyright to all of its original multimedia content. This includes the homepage header image, the Dummies, logo, and any image that contains at least one of the previous ones and does not have any third-party content applications. These same images may not be used for commercial use without our consent.
10. The original drawings of the Dummies dolls and logo were created by Catarina Ferreira (Plastic Artist). She holds the copyright of this content, not authorizing any commercial use not consented to.
11. The authorship of any content used by the Xbox PT Dummies team provided by followers will be duly attributed to its legitimate author.

1. News is posted as soon as possible, but only when there are official confirmations.
2. If it is not explicit in the content of the publication, the news should always specify its official sources, with a link incorporated in the article in question.
3. If the author of the publication is not sure of the trust of the source where he/she read the news (especially if the official sources did not manifest themselves in a short time), he/she should explain it in the publication and in the title itself.
4. We will have no problem reporting rumors, as these will be duly noted (notably featured in the title), and we prefer that our followers know where they really came from. The opinions of each author regarding rumors do not reflect their truth or falsity. A rumor will be nothing more than a rumor until there’s some sort of official response.
5. The title of a publication should never be false or misleading. We do not accept the click-baits policy by deceiving the reader to take him/her to an article with distinct statements from its title.
6. Each author is solely and exclusively responsible for the content that he/she writes.
7. The news published on the Xbox PT Dummies are of the authorship of each writer. Any written content that is not authored by the person who publishes an article must be duly indicated and attributed to its author. This policy remains, regardless of the language used.
8. Any translation made on Xbox Dummies should be as faithful as possible, to capture its essence in the best way.

1. The analyzed games are provided by the studios and publishers at our request or at their own request.
2. Although the games are preferably distributed on the team according to tastes and styles, we value impartiality.
3. The reviews will not contain spoilers.