Code of Conduct


1. Any publication has to be minimally related to the world of videogames and/or the Xbox family. Remember that this site is about Xbox, Microsoft, Windows and video games. If you want to talk about another subject, try to fit it into what is authorized. You can even talk about Nintendo, PlayStation, bad weather, football or the history of the neighbor, provided it is in the gamer spirit and not to discuss unrelated matters and with no purpouse on the site.
Spam is not allowed! Do not put repetitive content of yours or others. Do not do personal advertising without any content, even if it is within the allowed themes.
3. We do not want spoilers! If the content that you place has a spoiler, please warn in a EVIDENT way in the publication, preferably in the title itself.
4. Search before you create a post. We have lots of places where you can access the information you want, so we ask you to spare as much as possible the efforts of others to repeat information that is already part of the data at the Xbox PT Dummies. You have informations on ‘Xbox’, Games with Gold, as well as a search engine.
5. Comment and post in the right place.
6. Any type of business involving the exchange, purchase or sale of consoles, accessories, games or codes and that arises between members should be done by private message only.
7. Any posting about something not related to the topics allowed or that does not agree with the authorized content will be deleted without prior notice.


1. Respect the Xbox PT Dummies team. The people in charge of the administration, moderation and management of the site are volunteers and are here to inform and help. No team member works for Microsoft or Xbox. We are equal to you.
2. No discrimination will be tolerated. The age, reproductive organ, religion, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, type of hairstyle, favorite color or way of walking of each one is not in the interest of the site or its respective followers. All are unique and everyone has the right to be respected for their existence, regardless of the traits that characterize them.
3. Bullying, disrespect, trolls, insults, aggression or any other kind of discriminatory, intolerant, rude or that incites hate and/or violence speech will not be tolerated. We hope this site and its forums have a friendly environment and we count on you for it.
4. Please respect the opinions of others. There is one simple thing that is called tastes and this goes beyond the judgment of each one. You don’t have to like all the content that comes on the site, nor do you have to please everyone. Learn to live with the diversity of tastes and trends. Respect the opinions of others in the same way that you appreciate when your opinion is respected. Any opinion is valid as long as it does not harm the freedom of others.

5. If you have any disagreements with someone, understand that the site is not the place to discuss personal matters. Learn to know the right time and place to deal with the people you do not understand with. The site and its members do not have any responsibility to the personal misunderstandings of each one.
6. Do not respond to taunts or trolls. If you pay the same currency, you will suffer the same kind of penalties. Instead, report the situation or contact someone from the PT Dummies team directly.
7. Do not report publications for no reason. You can not simply report content just because it is not to your liking and wait for it to be removed.
8. Quoting Captain America: “Language“. Swearing is not allowed, regardless of context or intent.
9.  Any post or comment that is deemed inappropriate for the Xbox PT Dummies will be deleted without notice.


1. The team has a duty frequently review the comments and verify that the rules are met.
2. Team members responsible for sharing information and/or news should confirm their sources before unnecessarily misleading.
3. No member of the administration team has the right to use his or her power to take any action before the Xbox PT Dummies, its content or members for personal reasons.


1. All Xbox Dummies followers and members should note the Code of Conduct.
2. Any indication that the Code of Conduct or Editorial Policy rules are not being followed, should you report the content or contact an administrator directly. You can consult the team in The Dummies.