About Us


The Xbox PT Dummies are a group of Xbox fans who are dedicated to the community in Portugal. This is a portuguese website dedicated to sharing news, reviews and other content related to Xbox in our mother language, Portuguese. The entire Xbox PT Dummies project was started out by our founding “Dummie” (a funny nickname we give to our team members) Catarina Ferreira, which originally created a facebook group called Xbox PT Dummies.

Xbox PT Dummies started out by being one among many other Facebook Groups dedicated to the portuguese Xbox community, with one simple objective: keep the portuguese Xbox gamers the most well informed while on a friendly environment without any kind of conflicts. Sooner the facebook group started to be a bit “obsolete” for the kind of information we wanted to offer our members and so the first Xbox PT Dummies website was created. Initially, it relied on free features and resources offered by free hosting services, but sooner, and with the help of another “Dummie” Diogo Dias, it was time to “go big or go home” and the Xbox PT Dummies full website was properly developed, allowing us to expand even more the kind of content and information that we think the Portuguese Xbox gaming community deserves. Another aspect that served as an influence on the creation of Xbox PT Dummies is related to the lack of portuguese spoken/written websites exclusively dedicated to the Xbox community.

We are still a small team, with no more than a couple of elements but even so our long-term goal is to, hopefully, become a reference and a place to go to stay informed about everything that happens around Xbox, at least in the portuguese community.


Xbox PT Dummies, just like any other name, has its origins. On the various websites or social networks, the words “Xbox” and “PT” are probably one of the most used, referring to Xbox and Portugal. We are not professionals, we’re not here to be good at this. We are “Dummies”, just like the test dummies used in cars. The most personal name is, in fact, “Test Dummies”.


We are Young Fools, initially we’ll look Fragile, aiming to be Headless, about to have a Broken Neck, painted as Yellow Dolls, you know… Test Dummies! We also will be kinda Suicidal, and a little Dumbass, eventually we become Flying Corpses, but in the end… we’re Extreme Dummies!

Seriously. Just aim your head to the wall.


The team is composed by several members with different missions. You can see each one’s parts in The Dummies.